Senin, 09 September 2013

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Massage laki-laki adalah pijat tradisional seluruh badan dengan memfokuskan pada area vital yang berhubungan dengan alat reproduksi laki-laki ( prostat ). Pemijatan di seluruh badan tanpa terkecuali dapat memberikan relaksasi yang lebih sempurna. Sesi pemijatan ini terbukti dapat menurunkan tingkat stress sehingga tubuh lebih rileks.

Male Massage Sensual Erotic & Tantric Focusing on the reproductive system, tantric and prostate erotic and nude male massages are ideal for relaxation and general well being. In fact, many of my previous clients have said that one session with this treatment has allowed them to de-stress and find a new level of inner calm.. This type of male massage therapy is also called Lingam. It has been proven to offer both a great amount of pleasure, but has also been proven to relax men through a certain euphoric state. In this massage, I use heated aphrodisiac oils to aid your experience. The Tantric massage is focused around the groin and prostate on the male body, which are two places that can offer sensual erotic pleasure. If you would like to talk to me more about this erotic massage or any other therapy please contact me using via my contacts page.

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